Get an STI / STD test like the ones at the doctor's office—minus the office.

With an at-home test from Fig, skip the hassle, awkwardness, and surprise bills and hit the sheets worry-free.

Our tests cover the STIs that doctors recommend we get tested for regularly:

and HIV.

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Learn more about what we test for and what we don't

The difference between STIs and STDs

How it works

It’s much easier than going to the doctor.

No appointments, waiting rooms, or awkward conversations—getting a test shouldn’t be so hard.

Step 1 Order a test from home

1. Order a test from home

Step 2 Collect & mail back your samples

2. Collect & mail back your samples

Step 3 Get your results

3. Get your results

1. Order a test from home

2. Collect & mail back your samples

3. Get your results

We’re here for you every step of the way, no matter the results.

It’s helpful to remember lots of people have the same questions and concerns you do.

That’s why if you get a positive result, we provide resources and consultation with a licensed medical provider at no extra charge to help you with next steps and treatment options.

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Simple and affordable testing

No insurance needed.
No surprise bills.

If the fear of getting hit with a crazy expensive bill is preventing you from getting tested, we get it. Our goal is to make testing more affordable, flexible, and transparent so you don't have to struggle with the stress of high-cost healthcare.

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With Fig
  • Clear, upfront pricing
  • Affordable prices even without insurance
  • No copays, hidden fees, or gotchas
  • Interest free payments
At the doctor's
  • Hard to get real pricing
  • Confusing insurance rules with lots of *'s
  • Copays, deductibles, late surprise bills, 😫
  • Can end up with a big bill

Accurate and reliable

Quality testing you can trust

Highly accredited lab

Our tests are processed in a state-of-the-art lab with the highest level of accreditation and licensing in the US.

Fully licensed medical providers

Every test ordered and result delivered is individually reviewed and approved by a licensed medical provider.

Strict privacy and security controls

We’re not in the business of doing shady stuff with your health data—it stays secure and is protected under strict federal HIPAA regulations.

Dedicated support

Our operations and support teams are here to make testing easy and convenient so you can get your results quickly and reliably.

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What else to expect

Asking for a friend?

We got you. Whether you’re stressing over a result, curious about something you overheard, or just have a "down there" question, we know it’s not always easy to get answers so we’re here to give it to you straight.

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You also get

Tips for talking it out

Relationship status aside, knowing the status of you and your partner(s) is an important step to prevent STIs / STDs. We’re not going to lie—bringing up this with partners isn’t always easy. But we’re here to help you have the conversation.

Fig couple sharing results
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Get Fig to get down,
carefree and confident.